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When your pets come home from a walk or outside play, they host uninvited pests with them. If you notice flea infestation in your premise then you should be concerned about it. Because they breed and reproduce very fastly within 15 days their reproduction cycle completes. They feed on animals’ blood, so they tag themselves onto your pet or other animals to survive. To control fleas infestation you need to appoint professional flea control and prevention experts who not only investigate the root of infestation but also try to minimize the chance of them coming back. You can call Pest Control Dianella at 08 6109 8075 for expert assistance for flea control.

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How to get rid of a small flea infestation?

Fleas are more than a pesky nuisance for you and your pets as they affect your health and well-being. Below are some tips to help you to get rid of these pesky fleas.

  • Cleaning and grooming your pet regularly.
  • Regularly cleaning your pet’s bed and their toys.
  • Cleanse the carpet and other places where your pet roams.

Killing fleas only will not resolve the issue of infestation but vacuuming will offer an effective solution as it will not only remove the adult fleas but also eggs and larvae from the area. You might notice some small specs of black grains in a highly infested area which is known as flea dirt. This needs to be removed and cleaned regularly as larvae feed onto them. Our team is expert in eliminating fleas problem from the premise effectively as they not only treat the area but also remove every possible egg and larvae of flea from the premise.

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